Follow these steps to activate Sakura SIM.


Simply insert Sakura® SIM in your mobile phone upon arrival on Japan Airport.


Set the Mobile data SIM APN number. See the following detailed instructions

The Access Point Number (APN) is used in Global Positioning Radio Services (GPRS) networks to identify the IP packet data network that a user wants to communicate with. For Sakura SIM APN number, please refer to the following instructions.


Input the following in the APN settings

Instructions: Please refer to the following detailed instruction for setting the APN on your mobile phone. Some parts, name of applications, or words may differ from other phone type.

1. Tap "Settings" on the home screen.
2. The Settings screen will appear. Tap "More networks"
3. The More networks screen will appear. Tap "Mobile networks".
4. The Mobile Nwtworks screen will appear. Tap "Access Point Names" Make sure "Data roaming" off.
5. The APNs screen will appear. Tap the menu on the upper right side and select "New APN"
6. The Edit Access Point screen will appear. Make a selection for or enter the required infomation for each item
7. Aftr completing all the fields, tap the Menu key and press "Save".


Certification ID(user name):



Certification method:


8. You will be taken back to the APN screen.Select the APN that you set up and process is complete.


Input the following in the APN settings

Attention: You need to connect a Free wifi spot before you download profile date.

1. Connect to the internet through Wi-Fi.
2. Tap the address bar and type in
3. A profile will be displayed. Tap "Install"
4. Type in the 4-digit passcode.
5. The "Installation complete" screen will appear. Tap "Done".
6. Open "Settings" and tap "Mobile data". *If Wi-Fi is on, turn it off.
7. Turn on "Use LTE Connection", and then setup is complete. *If Data Roaming is on, turn it off.
8. Delate Profile Data after arrive your country.


  • U-Mobile prepaid SIM card (hereafter referred as "the service") ,is a mobile data communication service avairable in NTT Docomo's Xi ©and FOMA ©area.
  • If you wish to use the service with the SIM card in this package, it is necessary for you to start connecting internet with the SIM card within 30 days after the purchase date. If you do not start using the service within this period, the SIM card may not be able to be used. 
  • The service will be provided for (15/30) days starting from the day you start using the service.
  • It is not possible to return the package or obtain a refund once the payment has been made, no matter whether you apply for the service or not.
  • It is not possible to change the size of the SIM card (mini/micro/nano) once the package has been purchased.
  • It is not possible to change the plan once the package has been purchased.
  • It is not possible to use SMS with this service.
  • The SIM card is lent from our company to the user in order for them to use the service. It is forbidden to modify the SIM card in any way such as cutting the SIM card. Also, once the service period is complete the SIM card must be returned.
    Return address for the SIM card:
    “SIM Card Collection Desk”
    Aoyama NA building 7F, Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0061
  • This SIM card is for data communication only. It cannot be used for voice communication.

About APN (Access Point Name)

It is necessary to change the APN setting on the device in order to use the service.

1. Remove the SIM card with IC and insert it to your device.

2. Configure the settings as shown below:

Access Point Name (APN) :

Authenticated ID (Username) :



Authentication Protocol:


3. After the settings are completed the service can be used.

Precautions in Handling the SIM Card

How to remove the SIM card

  • Put on gloves and push up the SIM card from behind.
    * There is a risk of injuring your hand or fingers when removing the card.
    * Wear gloves to avoid touching the metallic part of the card. If you happen to touch it, wipe the area with a dry soft cloth before use.
  • Lift the SIM card part upwards and remove it completely.
    * Please refer to the instruction manual of your device on how to insert the SIM card.

Warnings when handling the SIM card

  • Do not use more force than necessary to insert the SIM card into the device. If it is difficult to insert the SIM card, check the instruction manual of your device. Mishandling can lead to damage of the SIM card as well as the device.
  • Keep the metallic part clean at all times. If touched, wipe it with a dry soft cloth.
  • Do not touch the metallic part, it can cause malfunctions.
  • Do not modify or dismantle the SIM card. It can lead to data loss and malfunctions.
  • Do not bend, drop or put heavy objects on the SIM card. Do not get the SIM card wet. It can cause malfunctions.
  • When storing the SIM card, keep it in out of direct sunlight and in a place that is not too hot or humid. It can lead to malfunctions.
  • Information that you have stored on the SIM card should be transferred to a separate medium. We bear no any responsibility for the loss of any information contained on the SIM card.
  • In case of theft or damage, please contact the U-Mobile Customer Center.

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