Up to 200MB/day
or Limitless,
7 days max usage

Make the most out of it!

Experience high-quality internet for 7 days, choose between 200MB or Limitless! This is perfect for tourists and anyone who's always on-the-go and needs to be online! It provides a portable, high-powered, internet browsing, with zero hassle and minimal spending. As you go with your travel, Sakura SIM wants your online life to be as active as it possibly can!

Access as soon as
you arrive

No hassle!

Enjoy the moment at the very moment you step in the “Rising Sun.” Sakura SIM will be available as soon as you arrive in Japan. Just change the Access Point Name (APN) of your mobile and you are good-to-go. Please check the How to User page for the complete instructions.

High speed
communication by
3G/4G LTE speed

You are always connected!

Sakura SIM assures every user a wide, reliable, and strong wireless connection all over Japan. You can also enjoy the 4G LTE Network when your mobile id 4G capable on a high quality signals across Japan.

So how far 200MB can reach?

Sending and receiving mails

No more worries for your business choirs, stay connected with your corporate friends with SAKURA SIM. With 200MB, your email will not be at stake anymore!

Approximately 40,000 E-mails
Calculated as 5KB/time

Web Browsing

With 200MB, connecting to the world wide web will never be a stressful again. This is enough for you to browse your favorite pages including your favorite social networking sites.

Approximately 333 pages
Calculated as 600KB/time
(Data size may differ depending on movies)


Tweet as much as you want! With 200MB, can enjoy up to 2,200 tweets.

Approximately 2,200 times
Calculated as 90KB/time

Google Map

Look where to go. With 200MB, you can search for the nearest where-to-go’s spots that will surely complete your travel in Japan.

Approximately 165 times
Calculated as 1.2MB/time
(Tested free of charge)


Watch for what’s hot in big screens! 200MB is enough for your best movie experience.

Approximately 50 minutes
Calculated as 4MB/time


Talk Now! 200MB in skype can be used for 66 minutes messages and stickers that will surely be fun.

Approximately 66 minutes
Calculated as 3MB/time

It is never been smaller! Your 200MB is not just a number to take note, it is enough for you to socialize,
connect with friends, watch for your favorite hippest movies, or even take part of your professional tasks.

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No additional or initial fees..

We want you to enjoy your Japan stay to the fullest. With Sakura SIM, We make it even bigger and better.
Because the longer you stay in japan, the more money you can save. Stay for at least 7 days and spend just ¥300 for a day.

We ensure a wide, reliable, and strong connection all over Japan

NTT docomo network offers a clear signals across Japan!
This is to make sure that communication throughout Japan with Sakura SIM is fast and reliable.

Because this service is provided by NTT docomo, enjoy high-quality signals across Japan.

Stable network.

The communication speed in the Xi area of NTT docomo. Please refer to the NTT docomo service area for the communication area.


Product Details

SIM Size micro SIM / nano SIM
Carrier to be used docomo
Network docomo Xi®network , docomo FOMA®3Gnetwork
Communication Zone LTE:2100MHz/1500MHz/800MHz W-CDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA:2100MHz/800MHz
Usable Communication Mode Only Data Communication
Communication Speed 3G/4G LTE Speed
Service Area All over Japan (It is impossible to use in countries other than Japan.)
Usable Data Amount 200MB/day :
Maximum of 1.4GB/week and a total of 200MB/day. It is possible to use for a maximum of 7 days.
Limitless package : Limitless/week It is possible to use for a maximum of 7days
Usable Period 7 days from the APN setting
Use-by Date Mentioned on the package A card which has passed the expiry date without configuring the APN setting cannot be used.
Selling Price 200MB/day : ¥2,200 (Including Tax)
Limitless package : ¥2,700 (Including Tax)

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